Guitar Doorbell


This made me laugh, and in a way it’s quite ingenuous. The guitar doorbell is there to inform you that someone entered the room with a guitar sound. This product is named Guit Doorbell for obvious reasons and can be found here.



The Summer Camp for Adults – Where No Technology is Allowed

Image from Camp Grounded

Image from Camp Grounded

Camp fires, friendship bracelets, sing-a-longs, hikes, s’mores  – these may sound like beautiful memories of your summer camp past, but lo and behold, this experience is being recreated for adults with a twist. Meet Camp Grounded, a place where grownups can be youngsters again, all in a technology-free zone. That means no computers, cell phones, or other gadgetry with a WIFI connection. In the spirit of digital detox – a move to disconnect from technology in order to connect to the world – Camp Grounded offers an oasis from the daily grind of adult life.
The sleep-away camp hosts a variety of activities from yoga and archery to candle making and the obligatory summer game of capture the flag. Summer 2014 registration is already under way, with four-day sessions of unbridled fun that have the potential to bring you to a carefree and joyful place, creating memories of a lifetime.

See What Brings Pharrell to Tears in His One-on-One with Oprah [VIDEO]

Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy” has become an international sensation, and the musician sat down with Oprah to discuss how the Academy award nominated tour de force wasn’t on anyone’s mind till he released the music video. Now with over 233 million YouTube views, his upbeat song has inspired people from all corners of the world to create their own versions of “Happy” – showcasing a multitude of happy folks dancing the streets of their hometowns.

When Oprah presents Pharrell with a selection of those clips, the world-famous musician becomes so overwhelmed with emotion – all you want to do is hug him. Oprah being Oprah is ready for laughter as she is ready for tears on her show: handing him a much needed tissue, she offers him some encouraging words of wisdom.